Valentine Date Ideas

February 14, 2020

Struggling to find a Valentine's/ Date Night idea. Try some of these quick suggestions:


1.      Have the Cliché Valentine’s Day Date

No matter how cheesy, everyone wants the cliché Valentine’s day at least once. Make it happen by pulling out all the stops from roses, to chocolate, to the giant teddy bear. Show your spouse love by celebrating Valentine’s Day no matter how silly you feel doing it.


2.      Create an Extravagant Dessert

Breakout of the dessert norms by making something delicious and new for your sweetheart. Try a harder dessert like a soufflé or buy a mini culinary torch to try your hand at a crème brûlée. Even if it doesn’t come out perfect, it will be a blast making either for them or together!


3.      Cook Up Your Own Surf and Turf

A traditional surf and turf at a restaurant can get pricey but you can keep the cost reasonable by making your own! Grab a couple steaks and lobster tails from the grocery store then not only can you save over half on a yummy dinner but seriously impress your Valentine.


4.      Have an In-Home Movie Night

Buy boxes of candy, pop buttery popcorn and pick a great flick to enjoy for a movie night in. Create an intimate, inexpensive Valentine’s Day right in the comfort of your own home.


5.      Stick Notes Around the House

You don’t need to spend money to make your spouse feel special during the season of love. Leave sticky notes around the house full of complements or sweet words to make your spouse feel treasured! Way better than text messages.


6.      Have a Sleepover

Make a fort in the living room paired with a stack of movies, lots of snacks, card games and a flashlight. Create a night full of laughter and memories by being kids again together.


7.      Invite Friends Over for a Couples Game Night

You don’t have to have a night alone to enjoy each other company and fulfill your spouse’s love language. Have a night full of community by inviting a few friends over for a game night. Open a bottle of wine, have snacks and share lots of laughter with other couples in your life.


8.      Plan a Double Date

Plan a new adventure for a double date night (check out our blog on 20 things to do in 2020). Prioritize your love by planning a date night out and invite another couple to join you out.  


9.      Clean the House

A great way to show love through acts of service and relieve stress is to help around the house. Check off the to do list for your spouse by picking up their chores or cleaning the house.


10.  Schedule a Couples Massage

Take the guess work out of relaxation and schedule a couple’s massage to be enjoyed together. Not only is it a great date night but a special treat full of stress relief!


11.  Write a Love Poem

Whether the poem is sweet, loving or silly; write a poem to express your love and devotion to your sweetie!


12.  Make a Coupon Book

Channel your own creativity by coming up with a coupon book to give your valentine. The coupons could include ways your spouse could cash in on chores being done, errands being run, spa treatments that can be utilized, or fun date nights.


13.  Take a Day Off Together

Schedule a day off together; whether that is a planned day of sleep and watching movies or a day to go on a new adventure. Show priority to each other by planning a day off together.


14.  Plan a Surprise Weekend

Nothing is better than a getaway that you don’t have to plan. Surprise your spouse by outlining a weekend away including plans for a romantic dinner, spa day or a hike near your lodge. Make a romantic weekend a reality for your Valentine this year.


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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