Everyone needs counseling. Every couple needs counseling. "Counseling" may sound like a bad word. Thoughts of lying on a couch talking about your parents for 50 minutes is scary. But, imagine having someone to turn to, someone to listen, someone to give you a different perspective. That's counseling. It is not a last resort, but a vital piece to every relationship. If counseling is a bad word, then consider the terms "Coaching" or "Consulting." In most areas of our life, we would welcome these approaches. Fitness, Business, Leadership Training. Why not look for a coach for relationships as well?

A healthy marriage does not just happen on its own. You can get a brand new sports car, but if you don’t MAINTAIN it, it will be junk in a matter of months. If you are facing an emergency, please give me a call, no matter what type of situation you are in (newlywed, life-change, loss of passion, life crowding in, tragedy, advice, etc.)

Premarital Counseling

Allowing one of us to be your officiant means that Premarital Counseling is included. But even if you already have an officiant, don't forget to do the important work before the ceremony. The idea of premarital counseling is building a strong foundation. What you have right now is beautiful. You are engaged. You are in love. But how can you make sure that you don’t end up a statistic? No one gets married planning on getting divorced. The key is building a strong foundation of principles. Knowing what it takes to be successful.

Do either of you have divorce in your family background? Have you been divorced? Have you been engaged before? Have you and your fiancé argued more the closer you get to wedding day? Do you have issues that you want to address with your fiancé before the ceremony? Do you have questions about effective communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, finances?

Our primary tool for Premarital Counseling is called SYMBIS. SYMBIS stands for Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. To listen to my interview with the creator of SYMBIS, Click Here. To read more about SYMBIS, Click Here.

After the Wedding: Most people simply don’t know where to turn!

We have a passion for healthy marriages. It breaks our hearts to see marriages go through the pain of divorce. Our Marriage Counseling approach after the wedding also utilizes a Post Wedding Version of SYMBIS. It is designed primarily for couples who are struggling in their marriage. I commonly hear reports like, "Our passion has faded away", "I'm living with a stranger", "I've lost hope of this marriage ever getting better", but most commonly I hear, "I'm exhausted with trying to make it work and I'm ready to give up."

If you are fighting for your marriage, or you know a couple in this situation, give me a call.

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“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.” - Franz Schubert