Surviving Christmas as a Couple

December 13, 2019

No matter your relationship status, whether you are dating, engaged, newlyweds or have been married for years, the holidays are challenging. Stress begins to pile up from buying gifts, spending money, communication, parceling time, planning travel and splitting time with in-laws. Amid the holiday chaos it can be hard to find the joy and celebrate as a couple and just as a couple. Don’t let all the hustle slow your relationship down or put a damper on your marriage.  

Here are a couple tips to keep the merry in Merry Christmas with your spouse this year:

1.      Make a Budget

You should already have a budget (if you don’t have a budget, check out our resource page for tools we recommend.  But you need a holiday budget.  December’s budget does not look like any of the other 11 months.  Shopping before you make a Christmas budget can leave you feeling out of control, stressed and tight for money. Don’t allow the holidays this year be a time to keep up with the Jones’.

2.      Hold your Tongue

This is always easier said than done but watching your words could be the difference between a peaceful holiday or a blow-up argument with the family. Christmas isn’t the time to air the latest drama or pick a fight with the in-laws. Be prepared to watch your words so it can be an enjoyable holiday.  Remember the holidays are temporary.  Everyone’s emotions are high, whether positive or negative.  The way you feel in December will not be the way you feel in January.

3.      Plan Romantic Winter Dates

Don’t skip out on the date nights this season! Staying wrapped up in a blanket all season may sound like a grand idea but don’t miss out on all the winter activities. If you do plan to stay home, light the fire place and have a romantic dinner together or slow dance next to the Christmas tree. If you plan to go out, find a place to drive through Christmas lights, go ice skating downtown, grab hot chocolate and walk through your city center or find a place to have a horse and carriage ride. Spend time making those cheesy Hallmark movies a reality together.

4.      Find Excitement in Tradition

Stray away from traditions that make your holiday feel mundane. Especially for newlyweds, there are some things you think you have to do. But take this season to create your new list.  How you approach the holiday, who you visit, how you spend your time.  Don’t feel stuck, rather choose traditions that you look forward to from decorating to baking to storytelling. Change up holiday traditions you had growing up or come up with a tradition that displays both of your childhoods.  

5.      Plan Something to Host

Instead of shying away from the holiday, join in on the fun. Plan a Christmas brunch with friends or a Secret Santa gift exchange with your small group at church. Host an event that has you looking forward to celebrating, especially if you don’t look forward to it with your family. When you host your own event, you decide what you’re doing, how the atmosphere will feel and who is in attendance. Play games, make fun food and relax while celebrating with friends or family.

Enjoy time with your spouse and loved ones this season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Blog Post written by my daughter, Elizabeth Squirek. Check out her blog at

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