Saying Yes to the Dress

November 1, 2019

Coming up with a dream board of wedding dresses and figuring out where you will shop is a lot of work. The whole process needs some planning. Here is the ultimate guide to a stress-free day and finding your perfect wedding dress!


First, who should you invite to go with you?

This decision may be harder than you think. It is critical to have people who will encourage and support what you are looking for. Even though some people might expect to be invited, don’t feel pressured to invite someone who won’t make you feel loved and beautiful. Also, don’t forget it becomes difficult if you have too many opinions coming your way; try to create an intimate group of people to go with you.

It is critical to have people who will encourage and support what you are looking for.


Second, what should you bring with you?

Make sure you feel comfortable and prepared while dress shopping. Besides photos/ideas of what you are looking for, don’t forget to bring shoes that may be like what you are wearing to get a sense of walking in the dress. If you have accessories that you know you will want to incorporate, bring those as well. Another helpful tip is to be mindful or bring different types of undergarments just so you have some options when trying on different style dresses. You want to set yourself up to feel ready to say Yes to the Dress!

Third, a few key points to remember.

A.      Before you go shopping, establish a budget; there is nothing worse than trying on a dress that you ultimately cannot afford. Only look at dresses you can afford so you don’t leave disappointed.  

B.      Even though emotions are high, and the pressure is on, you do not have to leave with a dress. The option to go back or try other shops are always there. Most bridal stores offer no return policy so you will be stuck with that first pick.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed and emotional; just remember this is a once in a lifetime experience and to have fun!


Good luck on your search for your perfect wedding dress!

Blog Post written by my daughter, Elizabeth Squirek. Check out her blog at

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