He Popped The Question! Now What?

October 17, 2019

Congratulations on your new fiancé status! It just sound so much better than boyfriend/ girlfriend. Being engaged is such an electrifying time filled with joy from family, friends and excitement for planning a wedding. Following the engagement celebrations, starting to plan a wedding can sound like a daunting task.  Most guys are clueless as to the machine that will start churning the moment he proposes.  But even brides who might have some idea what engagement season will bring, can get overwhelmed quickly.

Engagement can be a time of chaos so be sure to take it one day at a time and follow these suggestions on what to start doing in the first few weeks!

 1.      Insure the Ring

Before anything happens, get a warranty and insurance for your engagement ring! It is important to ask about warranty options from the jeweler; a warranty could cover any diamonds/gems that may fall out, the band getting bent, cosmetic damages and cleanings. On top of a warranty be certain to insure it as well which provides coverage from theft and losing the ring. Call your insurance company and ask to add the ring as a scheduled personal property (they will need a bill of sale and photos).

 2.      Tell Family before Social Media

Before racking up likes and congratulations from your social media following, don’t forget to tell family or friends before they see it online. This helps combat any drama or hurt feelings, even if it’s not intentional. It will be so much more special and personal coming from you first.

 3.      Buy a Wedding Planner Book or App

Whether you are detailed oriented or not, grab a planner off Amazon (Check out our resource page for our favorite) or the nearest bookstore. It’s a great resource to keep everything from business cards to random ideas in one place.  Even if you download a planning app, a printed folder or planner will help keep you organized.

 4.      Establish a Budget

Get with your fiancé, talk with family (if they are helping) and create a concrete wedding budget before you start planning! It can be easy to get swept up in the fantasy of an expensive wedding. But it is no fun having to cut back when you realize you cannot afford it. Save yourself some heartache and only allow yourself to plan within your budget. No one wants to rack up credit card debt before you start your lives together.

 5.      Decide on Length of Engagement

The first question everyone will be asking is: When’s your wedding date? While this date can change due to vendor availability, try to set at least a season and year. It gives you and your fiancé the space to start planning and answer everyone’s burning questions at the beginning of your engagement.

 6.      Plan a Way to Celebrate

Some couples want to get engagement photos done while others would prefer to celebrate with a party. Whatever fits your season and personalities, make sure to plan a fun event to look forward to. Don’t go right into the hectic wedding hullaballoo.

Make sure to take a step back, enjoy this time and each other. Engagement is only celebrated once before the rest of your lives. Once again, congratulations and Happy Engagement!

Blog Post written by my daughter, Elizabeth Squirek. Check out her blog at https://somethingtoowineabout.wordpress.com/

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