Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Are you planning your wedding currently? Do the dinner and cake options not excite you? Are you not looking forward to a traditional buffet and white wedding cake? There are numerous options for both food and desserts so you can still have a traditional wedding without the traditional food!

What else can we do besides a buffet?

1.      Try something new by hiring a Food Truck! You can rent a food truck for the cocktail hour or for the main dinner with an “eat as you go” option for the meal or a late-night snack after the dancing has ended. The options for food trucks can range from tacos to lobster to burgers; get creative and your guests will love the concept.

 2.      Don’t want the sit-down dinner but hate the idea of a buffet? Try bite size food options such as grilled cheese with tomato soup, shrimp cocktail, or mac and cheese shooters. Anything can be made mini and can create a low-key fun way to dine.

 3.      Spark creativity and build a create your own station for whatever your favorite food is. Have a build your own pasta, make your own omelet, top mashed potatoes or french fries the way you like; the options and toppings are endless!

4.      If you are looking for a heartier option, try adding a carving station. Nothing says great wedding food like prime rib or filet cut right in front of you!

5.      Pick a theme and roll with it. You can incorporate several of these options in to one. Pick Mexican Food: you can have a build your own taco bar, with chips and guacamole shooters and then sides put out buffet style.

 What if I don’t want a three-tier wedding cake?

1.      Display a donut wall, have donuts of one or multiple flavors hanging for guests to grab. You can even add a small table with donut holes for more variety!

2.      Wanting a fancier option? Try mini cheesecakes with multiple flavors or create a cheesecake tier cake. Make sure to include chocolate and raspberry sauce for drizzling on top!

3.      Just like the build your own food creation, incorporate that with desserts. Let your inner child out with a candy bar or a create your own ice cream sundae station with unlimited toppings.

4.      Looking for an easier, more portable dessert? Try cake pops and ice cream or cookies with milk table. Mix and match colors with flavors for a simple fun dessert station.

5.      Make your dessert option a wedding activity by having a toast your own marshmallow smores bar. Not only does it give your guests something fun to do, it knocks out your quest for an exciting twist on dessert.


Let this be a time to have fun, be creative, explore food options and try lots of great food. Happy food planning!

Blog Post written by my daughter, Elizabeth Squirek. Check out her blog at https://somethingtoowineabout.wordpress.com/

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