Before You Plan a Destination Wedding

October 14, 2019

Stressful is an understatement when it comes to wedding planning, but it can also be a time of celebration and fun. One of the most exciting parts to planning a wedding is deciding how you will merge the personalities of both the bride and groom into the big day.

A common way couples incorporate their personalities is through a destination wedding. This decision is often made because the couple is adventurous, like a change of scenery or are yearning for a more intimate approach to their wedding. It is easy to start dreaming about a beautiful vacation type of wedding and gloss over negative roadblocks.

Three important things to consider when thinking about a destination wedding:

 1.      The Reality of Exclusion

Your wedding guest list will shrink significantly once you start considering a destination wedding. This is because people are not able or willing to travel. Maybe elderly guests such as grandma and grandpa cannot travel. The guest list can also erode due to limited capacity at some destination venues. And then there are just the guests you assumed would come and just can't swing the travel.

 2.      Finances are a Factor with the Couple

Destination weddings add up; you are paying for an entire wedding plus the cost of lodging and travel. Money doesn’t just get tight for the Bride and Groom but also the guests. You will also have limited vender options with less opportunity to shop around for cutting costs. If you are planning a destination wedding, make sure there is enough time to plan. You may need to consider a longer engagement to give people enough time to plan as well.

 3.      Pressure on Guests

Yes, the wedding day is all about the couple but don’t forget it is also about two families coming together. There are people who want to be a part of your big day but with a destination wedding you are putting a price tag on that decision. There could be the potential pressure for guests to spend more than they can afford. You are essentially asking guests to take personal vacation time for your wedding, pay for travel and more than likely also give you a gift. Make sure you are considerate of those you are inviting.

If you remember these three things while planning a destination wedding, you will be better prepared. Enjoy your perfect day without regrets and happy travels!  

Blog Post written by my daughter, Elizabeth Squirek. Check out her blog at

I had a great conversation recently with Samantha Schultz on the podcast. She is an expert in planning destination weddings. Click Here to Listen.

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