42 Great Questions to Ask on Date Night

September 16, 2019

What is your definition of an ideal spouse?

Getting into ruts are hard to avoid in relationships. The comfort of familiarity sometimes breeds assumptions. "I already know you and you already know me, so what else is there to learn?" Plenty! Below are some questions or conversation starters that you can use on date night. These are not meant to be all answered in one evening, maybe just a few. Allow the conversation to grow beginning with questions you may have never asked. Be careful, number 38 is an awesome question but it might get you in trouble as well.

Date Night Questions


1.    What special memories do you have about your childhood?

2.    How did you get along with your parents?  What were they like?  What did you like and dislike about your parents?

3.    What were your hurts and disappointments as a child?

4.    What were your hobbies and favorite games?

5.    How did you usually get into trouble?

6.    How did you usually get out of trouble?

7.    What did you enjoy about school?

8.    What pets did you have?  What were your favorites and why?

9.    What did you dream about doing when you were older?

10. Did you like yourself as a child? As a teen?

11. What were your talents and special abilities?

12. What awards and achievements did you win?

13. Did you have a nickname?

14. Who were your close friends? Where are they now?

15. Describe the neighborhood where you grew up.

16. What was your spiritual life like as a child? As a teen?

17. What were you afraid of? Do you still have any of those fears?

18. How did you get along with your siblings? If you had none, what relatives were you the closest to?

19. What parts of your childhood would you like to relive? Why?

20. What do you remember from your first day of school?

21. Who was your first date?

22. Who were your other dates or boyfriends/ girlfriends? What did you like and dislike about each one?

23. Where did you go on dates?

24. How did you feel when you liked someone and that person didn’t care for you?

25. How has being an adult changed your life?

26. Compare yourself now to when you were 10.

27. What have been your greatest disappointments? How have you handled them? What have you learned from them?

28. At what age did you first like the opposite sex?

29. Did you have enough money in your family? Enough clothing?

30. Who educated you in sex?  What were your sexual experiences?  What is your standard for sexual expression in your life now?

31. What are your political views?

32. What do you enjoy reading? Watching on TV?

33. Do you want children?

34. What is your first real memory?

35. What are your natural gifts?  What are your strong points? Weak points?

36. What is your medical history?

37. What is your favorite holiday?

38. What is your definition of the ideal spouse?

39. Who are the five most important people in your life?

40. Where would your like to live? What country, state, city, house, and/or apartment?

41. What are your views on aging?

42. Describe the best year of your life.


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