The Opportunity

My name is David Anderson.

If you found this page, you most likely saw the invitation at the back of my book, Before God and These Witnesses. Thank you for wanting to continue the journey. I am a local pastor looking for other pastors who want to grow their churches through weddings.

Weddings are a great way to grow your church, reach your community, and change the culture while you are at it.

The church is shrinking, and marriage is in trouble. As I shared in the book, we want you to do something that can affect both.

Young male priest reading bible
Grown up male thinking about his future
The Offer

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for ministers interested in officiating at least one wedding a month or more. In addition, we need ministers who would be interested in leading couples in a virtual premarital counseling process. Some couples have a minister performing their wedding but seek premarital counseling from another source.

For $299, we will send you, on average, at least two leads a month. You can take as many leads as you wish, but at minimum, we ask that you perform at least ten ceremonies in a year.

The Mission

What Is Our Goal?

At the heart of this, my goal is evangelism. I want to see pastors as the drivers in the wedding industry. To provide strong premarital counseling, present the gospel, build relationships with them, and connect these couples to churches.

Officiating twelve weddings a year will not make you rich, but you will add $6,000- $8,000 a year to supplement your income and put the very couples you are trying to reach right in front of you. If the couple finds faith or joins your church, there is no price to put on it.

Pastor holding holy bible in his hands

Who is a Fit?

We seek ordained ministers with a Bible College or Seminary degree currently on staff at a local church. We will consider various chaplain and other ministry positions, but the focus is to have a clear path to connect couples to a local congregation. We are not looking for officiants who want to just show up and perform a wedding. An application process and vetting are required.

Beautiful wedding ceremony with groom, bride and pastor
Smiling pastor standing at the church door
The Benefits

What You Get From Us?

We will work with you to develop a price point for your area. We will handle all your contacts, payment processing, and advertising. You will receive:

My Wedding Service Templates

Guides on Best rehearsal practices

Outlines for impactful wedding sermons

Sermon prompts for names (over 100 pages)

Outlines for two, three, or six sessions of premarital counseling

Best practices for follow-up

250 Business cards email address

Listing on our website

At least twenty local leads per year

Ready to join?

Contact us now!

To continue the process, please submit the form to the right and we will reach out to schedule a time for us to speak. Thank you again for your interest.